Scot AnSgeulaiche, Scottish Highland Tradtitions offered through:

dragons Scot AnSgeulaiche dragons Tours in Scotland ______________ A castle visit to Leod (aka Castle Leoch) with Lord John MacKenzie
Scottish Handfasting Weddings_______ Handfasting Bann at a Scottish wedding
Seanachaidh - Traditional Storytelling__ Traditional Clan Storytelling at Duart Caslte for Maclean


Tha mi a'chuir fàilte Oirbh. I welcome you! My name is Scot AnSgeulaiche
(pron: An skayl--uCH--ah).
I am a Scottish Highland Tradition Bearer.
I carry traditions of oral history (storytelling), Scottish wedding customs (handfasting) and some Highland crafts, which I offer through:

The Jamie and Claire Tour (from the works of Diana Gabaldon)
Ceilidhean (storytelling gatherings)
Walking tours of Kilmartin Glen's standing Stones
Extended Tours of the Highlands of Scotland and Ireland
Corporate legend building and entertainment
Tales from the Glass ™ Whisky Tasting and Tales
Guided history and wildlife walks in Argyll
Highland craft of Thatching roofs
and many other ways besides

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email address: the-wee-folk at ansgeulaiche dot co dot uk (remove spaces, keep hyphens)
+44 (0)1764.681682
Perthshire, Scotland

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