What I do

Types of Live Storytelling

The bulk of my storytelling happens at:

Unusually, I don't attend many dedicated storytelling events or festivals. My work is more 'applied' storytelling as part of some other activity, such as community oral-history gathering, imparting Scottish history and so on.

A short video clip of a wedding cèilidh, with live storytelling

Many of such live recordings are incorporated into pieces on my CD, Gàir nan Clàrsach


Music and Recordings

Gàir nan Clàrsach - The Harps' Cry

Highland storytelling is a live art form best experienced in the informal gathering of the cèilidh, with all the interaction that goes along with it. For that reason, despite a few requests over the 20 years to record Tales onto CD and such, I declined.

I held the question as to how it might be possible to put a semi-improvised art form onto a fixed medium such as a recording. The result is Gàir nan Clàrsach a collection of traditional music, song and Tale. Most of the tracks on the CD include live recording excerpts made in the now rare highland phenomenon of the cèilidh*, developed and added to in the studio. You can listen to the album below.
(*A social gathering of song, dance, tales, which has no audience because all those present will contribute something, even if it's only the tea and dropped scones.)

Note: Limited edition CD with booklet is now sold out; the download version is still available to buy via Bandcamp online. You can get notice of the new releases by clicking the Bandcamp Follow button.

Tradition Bearing

I also help to keep a few other Highland traditions going, as best I can:

These all come under the umbrella of "tradition bearing".